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ryan carroll


Grandma Annie (Anna)

Rooted in a profound affection for food instilled by his two cherished Italian grandmothers, Ryan’s culinary journey began at the age of five years old. Hailing from Trento Alto-Adige, Ryan’s Grandmother Anna opened the doors to the enchanting realm of Northern Italian cuisine, guiding Ryan with her seasoned expertise. Under her nurturing guidance and love for labeling everything he mastered the art of crafting rustic delicacies that embody the heart of Northern Italy. From gnocchi and strozzapreti to fresh pasta, polenta, and risotto, Ryan honed his skills, laying a robust foundation for his culinary aspirations.

Anna's resilience echoed through generations, a testament to her fortitude as she raised five children single-handedly after the untimely loss of her husband Charles Campbell a Navy Vetran which Ryan honors with “Charlies Valor for Veterans”. This indomitable spirit was passed down to Ryan's mother, Patricia, a successful school administrator who instilled in him the mantra of perseverance: "Get up, Ry, and put one foot in front of the other”, every time he fell throughout his life. It was this unwavering determination that fortified Ryan's character and propelled him forward.

As he journeyed through life, the enduring influence of these two formidable women carved the path for the person Ryan stands as today, a testament to the enduring legacy of love, strength, and culinary artistry.

Catherine Carroll (Nan)

Likewise, Catherine, his Sicilian grandmother he called Nan held an equally significant role in shaping his culinary prowess. She assumed a motherly role in his life, living upstairs from him at his fathers house in blue point past his parents divorce. Under Nan’s watchful eye and her coddling he mastered the art of preparing iconic Sicilian Italian-American dishes like chicken parm, rice balls, and the revered Sunday sauce. Along with the unconditional love she instilled in Ryan, he displays that affection upon the elderly, weak, and voiceless of our lives. 

These formative experiences, steeped in the rich culinary heritage of two distinct regions of Italy, laid the groundwork for his fervent pursuit of culinary excellence. As he ventured forth with a foundation from his grandmothers' wisdom his love for food continued to be a guiding light, propelling him towards the remarkable journey that unfolded.


Innately driven by an unwavering passion for culinary delights and possessing a refined palate, a Sayville Long Island native set forth on an epicurean voyage that took root during his time at Sayville High School, culminating in his graduation in 2011. At a tender age of fourteen, Ryan's culinary odyssey found its nascent spark as he assumed the role of a dishwasher at Collins and Main restaurant, an esteemed white tablecloth establishment intricately woven into the community fabric. From these humble beginnings, Ryan charted an extraordinary path, ascending through the ranks of the kitchen and mastering each station with dedication and tenacity.


Post-graduation, he pursued his fervent passion for the culinary arts by earning an associate's degree in culinary arts from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America in 2013. Just two years later, his relentless dedication led him to attain a bachelor's degree from the renowned Culinary Institute of America, often acclaimed as the "Harvard of Culinary Schools."

Ryan continued his education with exchange programs in Business at Cornell and the acclaimed West Point Military Academy.

With a head full of knowledge and strict regimented life Ryan went on to study in various regions of Spain on a food, wine, and agriculture trip with the Culinary Institute of America. He fell in love with Spanish culture and especially the Basque region and their food ways. From there Ryan his spent his time working at three Michelin starred restaurants such as Azurmendi in Larrabetzu and Arzac in Donostia often sleeping in hostiles throughout his ventures.


On his journey back to the states his professional voyage commenced with a position at the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, NY, under the guidance of the three Michelin starred acclaimed chef Jean Georges at the age of 23. This experience served as the cornerstone for his growth, nurturing his understanding of corporate dynamics, team cohesion, and leadership, molding him into a future entrepreneur. 

His culinary prowess led him to STK Midtown at the age of 24, where he assumed the role of Chef de Cuisine, further honing his business acumen. 

With a yearning to work under the greats he returned to Jean Georges' realm and took on the role of Executive Sous Chef for the opening of the  Public Hotel in the Lower East Side. An engagement that added depth to his culinary repertoire. Subsequent stints at Carbone, Sadelles, and Catch NYC, landed him finally at Mercado Little Spain, where he worked with culinary luminary Jose Andres shaping his life forever. The culmination of his journey arrived when he found his professional haven at JF Restaurants, situated within the Times Square Edition Hotel. Guided by the expertise of John Frasier, a distinguished Michelin-starred chef with ties to Thomas Keller, he continued to refine his craft.


Amidst the pandemic's challenges, this culinary virtuoso demonstrated remarkable resilience and compassion by establishing Carrolls Kitchen LI Non-Profit 501(c)(3) one day after losing his job under John Frasier. Taking the role as CEO & Founder Ryan hired over 50 displaced chefs and hospitality workers, he orchestrated the delivery of meals to more than 620,000 vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, veterans, and families in need in one year. They would turn closed restaurants into pop-up events at night and service the public during the day in order to raise funds to feed families in need. Through his entrepreneurial spirit Ryan opened multiple concepts such as Carrolls Catering, Carrolls Clean Eats, Carrolls Cocktails, Resilienza his Italian concept and more to sustain the Non-Profit. He was seen on NBC, Fox5, News 12 Long Island, CNN, NY post, ABC, and more during his philanthropist pursuits.


As the world gradually emerged from the pandemic, Ryan's endeavors took a new direction. He revitalized Harley’s American Grille in Farmingdale as a consultant then he partnered with the owners to open a popular and heavy invested upon Fried Chicken brand. He built three restaurants in the communities of Farmingdale, Smithtown, and Huntington Village at the age of 29. 

Amidst uncertainties about his adaptability to the fast-casual and fried chicken realm, Ryan found himself departing from his endeavor at Kicknchicken, carrying the weight of burnout and fatigue. Having weathered the challenges of overseeing four restaurant openings while concurrently managing a non-profit, a diet dominated by fried chicken had taken its toll on Ryan's well-being. Despite facing the depths of adversity, he clung to a steadfast resolve.


In the face of adversity, Ryan's determination led him to a sanctuary of renewal under the guidance of Jean Frasier at the esteemed North Fork Table Inn in Southold, Long Island. It was here that Ryan embarked on a transformative journey, seeking solace and restoration. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Mattituck on a sprawling five-acre haven, Ryan shared his days with Agathe and Anthony, the proprietors of Mattituck Mushrooms.

Over the course of a year, marked by humility and self-discovery, Ryan fostered profound connections with local farmers, vintners, and fishermen. These interactions laid the groundwork for collaborative menus orchestrated alongside John. As he navigated the path to recovery and reengagement with the world of fine dining, Ryan's abiding passion for the culinary arts remained the impetus behind his triumphant strides.

Guided by a newfound commitment to revitalizing his health, Ryan embraced a lifestyle centered around nourishing, organic, and wholesome fare. In embracing this voyage of healing and embracing the sustenance of nature's bounty, Ryan not only restored himself but also fortified his enduring dedication to the culinary realm.


Having regained his strength after a challenging period, Ryan faced another poignant moment when his beloved grandmother, Catherine—akin to a second mother—passed away at the remarkable age of 91. Although her departure left him deeply heartbroken, he found solace in the knowledge that her life was a tapestry of beauty and that her love for food had enriched countless lives. Ryan reached out to Ed Brown a board member of Carrollskitchenli, a lifelong social worker, and Ryan’s for intent and purposes therapist. After speaking with Ed daily Ryan believed in himself once again. Remembering his mothers mantra “One foot in front of the other”, Ryan Carroll from Carrollskitchen was reborn yet again. 

Now restored to his full vigor, Ryan rallied his forces and revitalized the Carrolls Kitchen Long Island team, channeling his unyielding resilience. In a touching tribute to his late grandmother, he conceived the "Catherine Carrolls Free Farm Stand Project," a poignant endeavor aimed at honoring her legacy.

Pooling his resources and joining forces with Debbie Loasche from Angels of Long Island at her new Mastic locale, Ryan embarked on a mission of both passion and purpose. Swiftly enlisting the expertise of Dave Castel, the construction contractor behind his fried chicken restaurants, they orchestrated the creation of a farm stand in just 24 hours. Ryan leaning on his expansive network of farmers and past collaborations with prominent non-profit organizations, Ryan is now on the cusp of realizing his latest visionary pursuit.

His current undertaking is nothing short of inspiring: to bring the bountiful yields of North Fork's organic produce and nourishing meals to the elderly, veterans, and families facing hardships. In this profound way, Ryan not only honors his late grandmother's legacy but also manifests his dedication to making a tangible, positive impact on his community.


Ryan is still living with Agathe and Anthony on their farm in Mattituck, he has relaunched Carrollskitchen Long Island along with his Catering business Carrolls Catering where you can book him for a private event or for a backyard party for 100 or more. 


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